Becoming a Galactic Human (Digital Download)

$ 20.00

Namaste Mystery School of Remembering #150 | © bj King

As entertaining as informative, this 3 CD set is now available as a digitally downloadable audio course offering explanations for many spiritual quandaries. 

In Becoming a Galactic Human, bj King coves this unique topic is covered through the story of her life long journey and is broken down into language that is easy to comprehend. 

 The online course Becoming a Galactic Human touches on

  • What it means to be Galactic
  • How to manage many of the changes that are happening energetically
  • How to communicate with your soul
  • Learning what your mission and contract may be and
  • How to manifest your best life.


What's Included:

  • The audio Download is part of the Mystery School Lessons Collection, channeled and taught by BJ King
  • More than 100 Mystery School Lessons, Cellular Release Process CD’s, and many other materials can be found on our blog & purchased by mail or through Pay Pal.

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