Ocean Friends Images

Ocean Friends Images [Corporate Member/GAIA Accelerated Venture]
Impact Sector(s): Environmental Stewardship | Spiritual Awakening
Location: California, USA: Serving North America, South America, Europe, Asia (e-Commerce)
Product(s): Fine Art Photography | Gallery Exhibits | Stock Photography | Image Licensing 
Founder: Paul Ratcliffe (a Mystic Media Group Company) 
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Award Winning Nature, Marine, Wildlife and Outdoor Photography Featuring Paul Ratcliffe and Others.
Since 1980, Paul Ratcliffe's award winning photography has been exhibited around the world, featured in numerous national and international publications and been licensed by agencies, product manufacturers and publishing companies for use in commercial applications.  For many years Paul's images were on display at the Greenpeace headquarter's store in San Francisco, and are presently being marketed in many aquariums, national parks, and retail outlets throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Baja, Calif.

Ocean Friends Images  has been an active member of the American Cetacean Society and Paul has been invited three times to display his images at their Biannual Conference alongside such notable artists as Bob Talbot, Flip Nicklin, George Sumner, Larry Forster, Janet Biondi, Richard Ellis, and more. Not long ago he was also invited to participate by the Humane Society of the United States' symposium in their Seattle on whales and dolphins in captivity.
Ocean Friends Images is now a subsidiary of The Mystic Media Group, a private holding company and transmedia publisher tasked with the digital restoration and online promotion of Paul's timeless, original works. A percentage of all profits are donated to environmental preservation, conservation and sustainability programs that improve the quality of our oceans.
Paul is now retired and travels the world presenting his work to many folks camped on the Baja beaches and in R.V. parks. He also attends as many shows, conferences, exhibits, and symposiums as his schedule will allow.  Though retired, Paul is excited about the new relationship he has developed with The Mystic Media Group and it's founder, Dr. John G. Locke, himself an Ocean Friends enthusiast and surfer.  Together, Paul and John feel that through the continuation and preservation of his work he can bring joy and beauty to others and also have a direct impact on the conscience of everyone who views his images.
We hope you too will learn to appreciate and preserve our natural resources and wild "Ocean Friends".