Partner Profile: Impact Entrepreneurship University

The World’s First Online University for Impact Entrepreneurship and Personal Development


Impact Entrepreneurship University (IEU) is the world's first, global online university dedicated to advancing the personal development of emerging Impact Entrepreneurs and the businesses they create. 

As a global community, we have entered the age of the Entrepreneurial Economy, and a time of unprecedented, global access to information, talent and resources needed to start a business, grow it, ensure self sustainability and make a positive impact on the world.  IEU is leading the way... and is open to students around the world who want to acknowledge the inner-voice that drives them and leverage the power of the conscious consumer marketplace to accelerate their personal and professional success.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. John G. Locke, Professor/Entrepreneur, Visionary/Founder of the Mystic Media Group and creator GAIA - The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness, IEU curriculum is progressive and intentionally designed to guide the emerging Impact Entrepreneur through a programmed path of personal and professional development and offers the training you need to master both the inner and outer game of success.  We offer full Impact Entrepreneurship Foundations and Advanced Trainings, along with the complete line of Business Development Tools developed in conjunction with GAIA - The Global Business Accelerator for Impact and Awareness.

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