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Blue Lotus Ventures Business Capital Network [Funding Partner]
Impact Sector(s): Economic Development
Services: Finance - Fundraising Consulting, Business Loans, Equity Fundraising, Impact Capital

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Blue Lotus Ventures (BLV) is a Business Capital Financing Network and Consultancy representing both seekers and providers of capital finance instruments intended for commercial uses.

Capital Resources Offered

BLV helps companies connect with the most ideal funding sources and conversely help private lending and financial services firms gain access to companies that they would not otherwise have access to.  Through our private network of pre-screened financial services partners, we offer select members we choose to work with exclusive access to debt-based, real-estate/asset backed and cash-flow-based lending solutions, factoring and purchase order financing to support initial manufacturing, build-out costs and substantially increase existing capital raises. 

Our private, members only network is currently backed by nearly $50 billion in capital assets, including a $7 billion in matching loan fund, blanket real-estate loan funds, hard money, debt-based and cash-flow-based lending funds, factoring, re-factoring and purchase order financing, mezzanine and institutional funds and conventional/ institutional financial services providers and lenders. 

Our Mission

The Blue Lotus Ventures Business Capital Financing Network was established as a subsidiary of The Mystic Media Group, to provide fund-raising consulting, alternative financing solutions, bridge capital and capital for early stage growth and expansion of High-Impact Ventures working with GAIA – The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness. Member companies of GAIA are for-profit enterprises with an equally important mission to make a positive social, economic, environmental or spiritual impact on people and the planet.

Successful applicants to GAIA’s Impact Entrepreneurship and Impact Enterprise Development Programs now have access the funding and financial resources needed to take their businesses to the next level, including up to $100,000 in debt-based capital and revolving credit, plus access to our trusted financial and professional services network. 


Blue Lotus Ventures offers businesses funds and financial services that most companies could not have found themselves.  We do not simply connect or provide networking opportunities.  BLV provides a valuable service facilitating deals that would likely not happen without our matchmaking know how and relationships. It has taken over twenty five years of high level performance, reputation and relationship building to earn the industry credibility to do what we do including introductions, applicant hand holding, guidance and facilitation to help effect a transaction.

Key benefits for our members and clients include:

Access To A Unique Members Only Financial Network - Membership entitles you to a unprecedented access to over 40 pre-qualified financial services providers.  Membership criteria ensure we maintain a community of viable businesses that reduce the risk ratio for defaults.

Capital when you need it - Pre-screening, an all digital workflow and quarterly updated documentation increases members ability to source funding, the best rates and terms when they need it.  In some cases in as few as 5 days...

Creative Alternative Financing  - our private financing partners are constantly innovating world-class financial products and keep us in the loop.  We help find a solution that works for you whether debt-based, cash flow based, real estate based or leveraged.

Looking Out For Our Clients - We truly believe in a sustainable business model for our clients.  We're not about large equity transfers for raising the capital or demanding bod seats, or their exit strategy.  Our business model is predicated on volume of deals and return business.  We want them to keep ownership of their respective companies.

Trusted Relationships - applicants and financial services partners are pre-screened to reduce risk of unwanted surprises that may cause a transaction to fall through and facilitate repeat business.

Trend Spotting  - We survey our clients and evaluate each transaction with an eye on customer satisfaction. Each individual transaction provides valuable feedback on provider trends, flexibility, rates, speed and terms that can benefit our members.

Cost Effectiveness - With our wide array of conventional and alternative funding sources, we strive to provide our clients with the most competitive rates possible.  



Impact Awareness  - Doing good is good business, and a growing number of our financial services partners are interested in helping our members and communities do good and do well.  

Transparency and Legal Oversight  - we only do business with people we trust.  Each transaction is passed through a bonded and insured paymaster or escrow agent to ensure each payout is executed without contest.



Working with Blue Lotus Ventures:

We have attempted to make the process of introducing your business and capital financing needs to the BLV Network as fluid as possible. Please provide the following information to help us initially in determining your financing needs and determine whether your business will qualify to participate in our network.

This form shall be emailed to us and within 24 hours you shall be contacted by one of our qualified representatives to schedule an interview. You can contact us directly by calling Sheri Macdonald at +1 (408) 421-4988 during regular business hours.


Blue Lotus Ventures Business Capital Network
Customer service: 855.344.4360
Founded: 2014
Founder: Dr. John G. Locke
Stock Price: Privately Held
Headquarters: Silicon Valley CA
P.O. Box 321017 Los Gatos, CA 95032