Livie and Luca


C.A.R.E.S. SCORE: ♥♥♥♥♥

  • C.ontribution Program(s): Charitable Donation Program supporting Children's Hospital
  • A.dopted Initiatives: The Gift of Happiness Foundation
  • R.eorganizing for Cause: Social Impact | Joyful Community Building
  • E.ngagement with Community: Community Service Programs Adopting Oakland Community Park, recycling and re-distributing shoes to families in need
  • Sustainability: Self-Sustaining (profitable). Impact initiatives established for sourcing non-toxic and recycled materials, using environmentally-friendly methods, providing safe and healthy conditions for the workers, Friday company lunches, compassionate customer service


Spreading joy, growing community, making a difference – this is Livie & Luca... We make our shoes to put joy into the word and a smile on your face, but we also prioritize healthy foot development and overall comfort in each design. 


  • Name: Livie and Luca 
  • Industry/Sector: Fashion/Childrens Shoes
  • Geography: North America
  • Headquarters: Emeryville, California
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Entity: For Profit
  • Type: Limited Liability Corporation
  • Founded: 2007
  • Business Model: Wholesale/Online Retail
  • Distribution: Domestic
  • Stage of Company: Growth
  • Financing: Private
  • Revenues: $1MM+ (Profitable)
  • Co-Founders: Mitzi Rivas, Amie Garcia
  • Employees: 5-10
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*GAIA Impact Metrics and the derivative C.A.R.E.S. Rating are used to evaluate and communicate an Impact Enterprise's economic, social, environmental and spiritual contributions, irrespective of geography. They are aligned with and leverage IRIS metrics in order to identify investment opportunities closely aligned with the interests of the impact investment community.  By developing and publishing the C.A.R.E.S. rating, GAIA reinforces the relevance of a business as a conscious force for good.

*Metrics identified supporting this company's targeted economic, social, environmental and spiritual objectives and tracked include:

  • Economic Sustainability - Permanent Employees: Total (OI8869); 
  • Social - Female Ownership (OI2840); Charitable Donations (FP3774)
  • Environmental Impact Objectives (OD4108); 
  • Spiritual - Community Service Hours Contributed (OI8429)


Inspired by a pair of hand-made shoes combined with the purpose to spread joy, Mitzi Rivas brought Livie & Luca’s first collection into the world in 2005. When her close friend, Amie Garcia, saw that first pair of shoes she fell in love and wanted to give them to her own children, and to others. As a teacher, Amie strove to make a difference in children’s lives and she knew through these beautiful healthy shoes, that purpose would continue.

Our mission at Livie & Luca has always been based in these values - to spread joy and to make a difference through the creation of comfortable and whimsical shoes, to do meaningful work in which our products positively affect the lives of others. The guiding idea behind Livie & Luca is that we sell more than just shoes and this idea has proven to be the key to our success.

We’ve grown our business as our community. This community is near and far: the employees in our offices and factories, our customers and their children, our neighborhood, our city, our world. The more our community grows, the more opportunity we have to touch lives through our mission of spreading joy. Passing along joy is how we practice our mission of sustainability, because we care about the long-term well being of our community.

Children are near and dear to our hearts and most of our charitable giving focuses on making the world a little better for our upcoming generations.

Spreading joy, growing community, making a difference – this is Livie & Luca.