The Global Impact 1000 is the world's first CEO organization and Impact Engine consciously designed to accelerate the success if Impact Enterprises around the globe.  

The Impact 1000™ annual list, online directory and e-commerce marketplace is published in collaboration with Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine and the Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network (GIEN), making high value, high impact products and services easy to find, learn about, follow and purchase while promoting the global visibility, credibility and profitability of the top 1000  Impact Corporations Globally (as ranked by the C.A.R.E.S. model developed by GAIA - The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness.)

In an age where 90% of consumers surveyed say they would switch brands to support a company who's mission  they believe in, the list creates the world's first directory designed intentionally to accelerate the visibility, credibility and sustainability of Impact 1000 Enterprises and the innovations they are bringing to market.

Impact 1000 Companies are:

  1. Exemplary, inspiring, mission-driven for profit companies anywhere in the world
  2. Publicly or privately held
  3. At any stage of corporate development: startup, early growth, venture, scale or mature
  4. Deriving revenues from activities, impact products, services or innovations that intentionally advance an environmental, social, economic or spiritual cause in addition to profit
The first print edition is scheduled for publication in 2016.  Currently we publish an online directory of public and privately held "Impact Enterprises", corporate and executive leadership profiles, an online catalog of impact products and an e-commerce platform designed explicitly to ease global access and availability of products that make positive difference for people and the planet.


The concept of the Global Impact 1000 was created by Dr. John G. Locke, Founder of The Mystic Media Group, Publisher of Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine and author of the upcoming book: "The Impact Entrepreneurship Movement: Change Your Thinking, Change your Life, Change Your World".