GAIA - Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness

GAIA - Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness [Founding Member]
Impact Sector(s): Social Advancement | Economic Development
Location: Silicon Valley, USA: Serving All Regions (Virtual)
Program(s) and Initiatives: GAIA Business Accelerator | Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network | Impact Entrepreneurship University | Blue Lotus Ventures 
Founder: Dr. John G. Locke
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Leveraging Passion, Purpose and Profits For Good...

As part of the Mystic Media Group, GAIA - The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness is charged with helping Impact Entrepreneurs and enlightened business owners anywhere on the planet succeed by consciously aligning Passion, Purpose and Profits to create a life of wealth and a self-sustaining legacy for good. 

At a time when greater than 80% of all new ventures fail, GAIA offers a new hope and business accelerator program that is rooted in personal development, mentorship and the application of proven business systems and services needed by aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed at life, achieve their mission, reduce their risk of failure, and grow a strong and sustainable business.

GAIA accelerator companies are mission-driven, small to medium size businesses, seeking market growth and entrepreneur development.  Current Programs and Initiatives include:

    GAIA Business Accelerator - 1:1 Mentoring and Business Development Consulting For Executives and Aspiring Impact Entrepreneurs

    The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network - Join The Movement and fellow Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs as they continue their journey to make a difference. Membership benefits include, global business directory, online executive profiles, professional online community, educational events, The Conscious Commerce marketplace, Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine and more

    Impact Entrepreneurship University - Group educational programs and speaking engagements for entrepreneur development and personal growth

    Blue Lotus Ventures Business Capital Network - Capital lending and funding for high impact businesses.

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