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Our Mission is Your Success...

The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network is the world's only Impact Engine™ - systematically designed from the ground up to support the global advancement, success and sustainability of Impact Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurs, Corporate Intrapreneurs, Visionary Change Makers and the solutions they create to solve some of the world's greatest challenges.

Launched in January 2015, The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network is an initiative of GAIA - The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness.  The organization was founded by Dr. John G. Locke, Visionary Impact Entrepreneur, Publisher of Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine and Author of the forthcoming book: "Impact Entrepreneurship: A New Design For Success" from Mystic Media and Mission Publishing.

As a Professional Membership Organization we are:

GlobalWe are a global professional association, virtual community and Conscious Consumer Marketplace seeking to unite a strong base of self-identified change makers and Impact Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the advancement of self-sustaining businesses, personal development of their leaders and the alignment of products and solutions that in their own way make the world a better place to live in. Members and their companies are for-profit ventures and mission driven. Non-profits seeking self sustainability are also welcome to join.

Impact Aware - As a community, our overall intention is to lead the way and demonstrate the power of conscious commerce to make a positive impact on the world.  We share our successes and learn from each other.   Each member is classified and promoted according to the area of impact their respective companies contribute to most including:

  • Social Advancement
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Economic Development or 
  • Spiritual Awakening
Entrepreneurship Focused - Our members and their companies are innovators - mission-driven, for profit and self-sustainability.  Their organizations are  led and managed by entrepreneurial visionaries, luminaries and change-makers; whether Solopreneurs, Corporate Intrapreneurs or Impact Entrepreneurs.

Network Enabled - Operating as a virtual organization from the Pacific Rim of Silicon Valley in Santa Cruz California, we offer aspiring and active Impact Entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to participate in a dynamic, global community of like minded entrepreneurs, leaders and luminaries.  The organization provides online resources and benefits designed to accelerate the development of Impact Entrepreneurs and providing opportunities for members from around the world.

Our primary directive is to connect, support the development of, and advance innovation in the field of Impact Entrepreneurship and sustainable impact around the globe, through conscious commerce, through member-based forums, activities, events, professional special interest groups and more (see membership benefits below).

The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network actively seeks members from a variety of geographic regions with an array of impact and entrepreneurial objectives --  whether Solopreneurs, Corporate Intrapreneurs or Enterprise Visionaries -- and is tasked with supporting and accelerating the development of a global community of conscious, mission-driven entrepreneurs and providing them with access to a diverse peer group, information, education, inspiration and opportunities to increase their visibility, credibility and profitability in today's entrepreneurial economy.


Make connections with fellow network members from around the world to strengthen and build a diverse global impact entrepreneurship community.  Corporate and Enterprise Members are encouraged to build new relationships by participating in one of four special interest groups (SIGs) connecting professionals advancing the same sector.

Gain knowledge and learn about impact entrepreneurship and emerging trends from around the world through online webinars, virtual events, panels, presentations and discussions, and learn about emerging activities, research and advancements entrepreneurial thought leadership in the areas of Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship, Social Advancement, Spiritual Awakening 

Read about the latest news and innovations in the field at Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine.com the official online magazine of The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network 

Engage a community of impact conscious peers and exchange information about your own organization's activities, promote products and services with fellow members and the via an affiliate online marketplace, receptions and signature events and the annual Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network Expo and Awards Event

Contribute to the successful advancement of impact entrepreneurship and participate in tutorials and workshops designed to advance the field of impact entrepreneurship other areas of interest to members.  Members and guest authors are also encouraged to submit original content for publication in Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine

Collaborate with other members and develop teams to compete for the X-Prize, a highly leveraged, incentivized prize competition that pushes the limits of what’s possible to change the world for the better. It captures the world’s imagination and inspires others to reach for similar goals, spurring innovation and accelerating the rate of positive change.

An online membership directory provides members with an opportunity to publish individual and corporate profiles, share and promote information on their companies with other members and the public, including sector, impact objectives, location and contact information.  Members also receive email news, updates and special offers.

Learn tools to help accelerate your success, and access resources from industry leaders and expand your markets by promoting your products in the Conscious Consumer Marketplace

Personal Development: 
Leverage the opportunities offered by GAIA - The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness to develop your entrepreneurial skills and Blue Lotus Ventures Business Capital Network to support the development of conscious entrepreneurs and sustainable enterprise 

Unlike any other business networking organization, at its functional core, the Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network is also an Impact Engine -- an innovation oriented marketplace and e-commerce platform intuitively and consciously designed to create value for our members.


In 1954, Management Guru Drucker boldly declared that organizations have only two basic functions, marketing and innovation, when he wrote:

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

At its core, marketing and innovation are value creation...

We took these insights to heart when designing ImpactEntrepreneurshipNetwork.com, the official website of the Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network and incorporated the latest marketing innovations, functionality and key means through which we can create value for our members, in the form of increasing online visibility, improving audience credibility and facilitating sustainable profitability.


Build brand visibility and public relations exposure with search engine optimized business directory listings, premium corporate profiles, backlinks, supplemental content and in-profile product catalogs

Develop Community, Increase Audience Awareness and Market Share, Promote Special Offers and product launch campaigns, and leverage targeted advertising budgets to our community via web and outbound email newletters, transmedia advertising placement options, community updates and ImpactEntrepreneurshipMagazine.com

Connect with our self-selected member-based community of conscious consumers and Establish Executive Credibility with personal and premium executive profiles,social media integrated product listings and interconnects, content marketing (guest posting) opportunities with ImpactEntrepreneurshipMagazine.com and direct advertising opportunities in a variety of digital media publications

Rapidly bring your innovation to market, promote your innovations, gain market traction and sell your products online via our web, mobile and tablet optimized conscious consumer marketplace, dynamic catalog listings and e-commerce services.  

See quickly what is selling and accelerate your profitability and with our monthly affiliate marketing program, sales reports and integrated analytics

Access like minded talent that is already in alignment and ready to "join the movement" via our community job board

Stay up to date with industry trends and innovations to ensure the sustainability and success of your organization with our quarterly webinars, online communities of professional community, peer special interest groups and a c-level mastermind group option

Stay healthy and leverage the savings of group medical coverage and life insurance benefits for solopreneurs, businesses and your employees (pending)



The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network is a professional membership organization.  Member dues are paid annually, with discounted pricing based on the size of the organization and number of employees (sliding scale).  Due to the promotional nature of the Network, member dues are non tax-deductible, however members can justify and expense 100% of their membership investment as a components of their business development or marketing budgets. 


Free memberships are available to organizations that are also members of the GAIA Accelerator or Blue Lotus Ventures Business Capital Network.  A maximum of one discount may be used towards each membership application and the discount remains in effect for as long as an organization maintains membership in GAIA, BLV and the network.

Community benefit organizations and Non-Profit Corporations are classified as Corporate Members. Foundations are classified as Enterprise Members.


Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network
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