Dr. John G. Locke Appears on Critical Mass Radio Show Announces Launch of the GLOBAL IMPACT ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORK | www.ImpactEntrepreneurshipNetwork.com January 27, 2015 17:11

In case you missed the announcement, listen in to what's new with GAIA the Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness in a live interview on CRITICAL MASS: THE RADIO SHOW with Richard Franzi

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Interview with Dr. John G. Locke
Visionary/Founder of Mystic Media Group
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 


For Immediate Release:  

COSTA MESA / SANTA CRUZ , California -  Critical Mass Radio Show is proud to announce… Dr. John G. Locke, Visionary/Founder of The Mystic Media Group and author of the forthcoming book “Impact Entrepreneurship:  Leveraging Passion, Purpose and Profits for Good will be appearing on our show Tuesday, January 27, 2015.
I am looking forward to Dr. Locke’s appearance as he is a recognized expert on how entrepreneurs and their companies can have a huge positive impact on the global community.”, stated Critical Mass Radio Show host Richard Franzi.
"I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share with the business community and followers of Critical Mass the initiatives we have undertaken at the Mystic Media Group to make the world a better place, through our online publications and now - the worlds first true online “Impact Engine” ImpactEntrepreneurshipNetwork.com – says Dr. John Locke.

Dr. John G. Locke Appears on Critical Mass Radio Show
Announces Launch of the

As an initiative of GAIA – The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness, the mission of ImpactEntrepreneurshipNetwork.com is clear; we begin our membership drive today, with the intention in 2015 of uniting, bringing visibility to and accelerating global market access to more than 1000 mission-driven businesses from anywhere in the world….
This movement is global, and to that end, the Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network now offers members worldwide the benefits of

  1. Membership in a global professional association advancing Impact Entrepreneurship
  2. Access to a community of mission-driven peers, trainings and events
  3. Global Visibility in our online Impact Enterprise Directory with the ability to directly engage and drive consumers to their online properties, portals or websites, plus
  4. Accelerated time to market via a Conscious Consumer Marketplace that features, promotes and sells their products directly through the platform, and
  5. An online career center and job board that facilitates recruiting like-minded talent from anywhere in the world. 

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About The Mystic Media Group
The Mystic Media Group is a pioneer in the digital transmedia industry and interactive marketing space operating several online publications and promotional platforms including:

Dr. Locke also oversees the group’s professional business development consulting and digital marketing services subsidiaries including: